I am a 37 year old who a year ago decided that he was going to help give back to the world, face his fears and take a chance.  I was a smoker and I chewed tobacco beginning at the age of 16.  I tried over and over again to no avail to find different remedy’s to quit. Nothing worked until I found an ECIG!  I was very skeptical of course, but after not craving tobacco for a whole day I realized, it worked. I have not touched a cigarette or chewed since that day. So, long story short, I decided  what better passion then helping  fellow addicted smokers and chewers to kick the nasty habit. I take great pride in what I do and feel that I have found what makes me feel I’m a part of something bigger than me. I encourage those that are skeptical to be open minded and to simply try it out.  Choosing to stop putting all the toxic chemicals found in cigarettes into your body is worth the effort to try an ecig.

I am dedicated to providing you with all of your Portland Vaping needs. Our shop is conveniently located and easily accessible. Please don’t hesitate to ask us if you have any questions about our Gresham Vape shop or Vape supplies. We are always here to help. You can check us out on Yelp, Google+, Facebook or in person at Our Gresham Vape Shop location. Our mission is to provide you with all of the knowledge needed to make a decision about using vaping to quit smoking. Our customers’ health is paramount, and switching from cigarettes to ecigs can be a difficult transiton. At Str8vaping our staff is well-versed in many different areas of the ecig and vape industry, allowing us to educate our customers to the fullest, giving them the tools they will need to successfully make the switch from cigarettes or other tobacco products to a vape or Ecig. Whether you are new to the industry and need help understanding the components of your device or are an experienced vaper, there are always knowledgeable staff members in store to answer all of your questions and guide you on rebuilding or modifying your existing equipment. With a full line of Vape Supplies, Vape Juice and Parts and repair available. We aim to be your one stop shop for all of your Gresham Vaping needs.

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